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I have always struggled with my own weight. When I was a younger kid, I was never in the house. While I
didn't always eat healthily, I always had time to play outside playing every day after school, and was able
to maintain a decent size for my age bracket. But when we get older, lifestyles change, as well as priorities.

    By the time I reached high school, I found myself to be over 300
    pounds, nearly 120 pounds heavier than my recommended
    weight for my age and height. Lack of exercise and poor eating
    put me on a path to bad health, to the point where I was no longer
    happy with myself. I couldn't look in the mirror sometimes
    without tears running down my face, ashamed of what I had let
    myself become.

After graduation, I told myself that I would no longer allow myself to
continue on this path of self destruction. I got myself a gym
membership, cut out all sweets and junk food, and went on my way.
I quit my job and turned into a gym rat, spending sometimes 4-5 hours
a day working out. I also cut my calories to under 1,000 per day.
I quickly dropped over 100 pounds, and I looked great.

    I soon found out that I couldn't keep up with the grueling pace of
    working out constantly, and depriving myself of the nutrients my
    body needed. You can only live on chicken and green beans so
    long, before your body says "I'VE HAD ENOUGH!" My body had
    enough. One evening while running on the treadmill at the gym,
    I collapsed, falling backward, and hitting my head off the wall.
    Luckily it was nothing major.

After a few months, I hit a plateau in my progress. I couldn't do it anymore, and I gave up. I let personal
issues come in between my goals, and I went downhill once again. Within a few moths, I gained every
pound back that I had worked so hard to lose.

    Years passed, my weight continued to fluctuate over and over.
    During this time, I realized that members of my own family
    started having the same weight issues, namely my own mother.
    My mother had even larger weight swings than I have had, and
    the toll it has taken on her health is even more drastic.

Years of weight gain caused major health problems for my mother. She
was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes, thyroid disorder, kidney disease,
heart disease, and more. At the height of her weight gain, she was on as
many as 14 medications for her various illnesses. Furthermore, the
weight gain caused the deterioration of her knees. She underwent knee
replacement surgery in 2004. Since the surgery, she had many
complications, including a blood infection and lymphoedema, which is
an ailment which causes the extremities to fill with lymphatic fluid and
swell to 3-4 times their normal size. Most people have success after such
a surgery, however, she wasn't so lucky. Rather than being able to walk
better, she got to the point where she could no longer walk, and was
forced to have the aid of a motorized wheelchair.

    Fast forward to 2008! I once again had come to the point where I
    no longer liked what I looked like. Aside from the aesthetic
    reasons, I needed to make a positive change in my life for the
    reason of my own health. I saw the pain that my mother went
    through for years on a daily basis due to being overweight, and it
    scared me to death. I wanted to live a long and healthy life, no
    longer worrying that I would turn out to be like my mother and
    other members of my family.  

I took my well established knowledge of weight loss techniques, as well as scientific data and developed a
weight loss plan that could be sustainable for a lifetime. The major reason that most diet programs and
gimmicks don't work is due to the fact that they aren't sustainable for a long period of time.

I developed this program, and passed it on to my mother. Since August
2008, she has successfully lost over 260 pounds and managed to keep it
off. Even better, she no longer needs to take her diabetes medication,
and has been able to eliminate or reduce the percentages of all her other
medications. She is now in the mindset that she can accomplish
anything, something that she hasn't been able to say for a long time.
There is a spark in her now that is burning bright.

With her success, she has passed the plan on to many of her friends, who have since began the program and
are on their way to reaching their goals.

Join them by taking the first step in changing your life forever.
Let me show you how!

                                                                                                   Best Wishes In Health,

                                                                                                   T. Michael Hanscom
                                                                                                   Healthy Lifestyle Coach
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