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Get started on your new healthy lifestyle change today by purchasing The Privia Health Lifestyle Coaching 1st Edition: The Healthy Lifestyle Change Non-
Diet Diet Book. The 1st Edition contains over 110 pages of important information and tools to help you on your new journey to a healthier YOU!

  • Full explanations of our 11 Food Categories of Health

  • Body Mass and You: Calculating your Ideal Caloric Intake

  • Fast Food: Why You Should Never Eat It Again!

  • Full Food Calorie Charts

  • Exercise and Fitness Guides

  • Over 50 Mouth Watering Meal Recipes and More!

Along with the digital version of our new book, you will gain access to a barrage of online tools to track your progress, recipes, and our community forum
where you can interact with other members, sharing thoughts and success stories. You will also have first access to new health report, and updated book


Are you one of the many people who feel frustrated because you think you eat well and exercise regularly, but you just can't seem to lose weight? If so, a
food journal is a great tool to help you reach your weight loss goals. It will help to determine any patterns in your eating habits, it will force you to be
accountable for what you eat, and it will help you to see where you are consuming your "hidden" calories.

Keeping a food journal can make you accountable for what you eat. I know that I am much less likely to have a big piece of cheesecake if I know I have to
write it down! It will also make it much easier for you to determine what your eating patterns are and where you can cut calories that will make all the
difference in your weight loss!

The first thing I always tell people when they start to keep a food journal is to write down EVERY bite they put in their mouths. When most people think
back over their day and what they had to eat,they go straight to their meals. It's amazing, though, how all of those calories you consume in between meals
add up. You might think that one little piece of chocolate doesn't count, so you don't need to write it down, but that one little piece of chocolate every
afternoon can add up to quite a few calories over the course of a week. Many mothers of young children tend to finish what their kids leave on their plates,
but a chicken nugget here and three bites of macaroni and cheese there really add up! Be sure to write it down right after you eat so you don't forget.

The Healthy Lifestyle Change Book and Website provides you with detailed meal plans, along with easy techniques of tracking your daily food intake. Gain
full access to our beneficial website tools by purchasing a copy of The Healthy Lifestyle Change book TODAY!


While you can certainly lose a tremendous amount of weight with our program by controlling your calorie intake and watching what you eat, fitness is a
great part of our program.

We realize however that not all of you have the time or the money to visit a gym every single day. We have children, careers, and families to tend to all the
while trying to keep track of our own personal health. That is possibly the reason that you got yourself into the situation you have found yourself in.

The Healthy Lifestyle Change book and website give you the tools needed to stay physical while dealing with the daily tasks that you may have.

We give you a number of low impact workouts for the beginning stages of your change, and a progressive incline of workouts for when you begin to lose
those pounds.

The book also provides you with information on calculating calories burned during physical activity as well as normal daily tasks, beneficial to your
weight loss goals.

We also have companion tools on the site offering you great ideas for new workout challenges, including circuit training, low impact workouts, fitness
videos, yoga, and pilates workouts.


With The Healthy Change Book and our companion website, you can track your progress in real time.

Our website allows you to share your experiences and success with other members, upload current progress photos of yourself, and more. Track your short
and long term goals, weight loss progress, measurements, and fitness.

Use our online trackers and web tools to calculate your Body Fat Percentages and Body Mass Index.

View the progress of our other members and post success challenges.


You don't have to give up flavor when you reduce calories. We offer recipes that are deliciously deceiving, using less sugar and fat to provide healthier
recipes that please both family and guests. With proper planning and a few ingredient substitutions, you can enjoy all of your favorite foods. Every recipe
contains nutrition data including calories, fat grams, protein, and carbohydrates.

The Healthy Lifestyle Change Book contains over 50 tempting recipes along with full color photographs depicting just how delicious these recipes are.

Along with the great recipes contained in the book, our website has hundreds more mouth watering meals and menus to help you on your healthy road to a
new lifestyle. You can also share your own recipes and meal plans in our online community. Swap meal ideas and trade cooking tips with our other


As a member of The Healthy Lifestyle Change, you will have full access to our online chat forum. In which, you can share dieting tips, fitness workouts,
recipes, and more with all of our current members. Our chat forums are all strictly moderated to prevent unwanted spam, and create a safe and secure
chatting environment.
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