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What is The Healthy Lifestyle Change Non-Diet Diet and will it work for me?

The Healthy Lifestyle Change is not about deprivation. It's not about giving up one food group or another.
The Healthy Lifestyle Change is about giving your body what it needs to thrive. You will get to know which
foods are the lifeblood that sustains you and makes you whole, and which foods to steer clear of because of
the way they destroy your body.

You have only one body. It's yours for life. If your body spends all its time trying to rid itself of the garbage
you put into it, how will it perform optimally? What you put into it dictates every moment of every day. It
dictates whether you are lean, overweight, or obese. It dictates whether you have energy to spare or find
yourself falling asleep at your desk. When you give your body everything it needs, it will run along so
smoothly you won't even give it a second thought ... that is, until you catch a glimpse of yourself in a
window and think about how amazing you look!

The Healthy Lifestyle Change doesn't require you to buy special prepackaged foods or cut out things that
you truly love to eat. The Healthy Lifestyle Change is about choosing fresh, healthy foods and changing
your mindset from living to eat... to eating to live! The Healthy Lifestyle Change will help you eat your
way to a fitter and healthier you no matter your age or current fitness level.

How long will it take until I see results?

When you begin The Healthy Lifestyle Change, you will find almost immediately that you have more
energy and that your skin and hair will become lustrous and healthy looking. This is the first sign that you
are making a positive change to your health.

Each person will experience a different rate of weight loss. This is because of a number of factors such as
starting weight, genetics, the implementation of exercise, and how much you dedicate yourself to The
Healthy Lifestyle Change.

Healthy weight loss occurs at a rate of around two pounds a week. Some weeks you'll lose more, some weeks
you'll lose less and some weeks you might not see any movement at all. Don't let that discourage you! Have
faith that this is temporary and that other positive changes are taking place in your body.

Losing weight at this rate has a number of positive benefits. It helps your skin adjust, which helps to
minimize the excess skin that you might have after you finish losing. Your heart, lungs and muscles also
need a chance to catch up.

Can I follow The Healthy Lifestyle Change if I have an allergy and/or dietary restrictions?

Yes, The Healthy Lifestyle Change is very flexible and can be adapted to work with any dietary issues. If
you are allergic to gluten or can't eat seafood, then no worries; just don't eat them! There are plenty of
options at your disposal.

Can I follow The Healthy Lifestyle Change if I am a vegetarian/vegan?

You do not have to eat meat, eggs, or any other animal product to follow The Healthy Lifestyle Change. You
just have to make sure you consume protein along with your complex carbohydrates.

For meat-free recipes, I use lots of tofu, beans, and legumes. Cooking with these ingredients is like painting
on a blank canvas – it picks up the flavors of the foods you cook with it. You can also use lentils and quinoa. I
add edamame to soup, stews, and pilafs. I also use textured vegetable protein (TVP), which is great as a
replacement for ground meat in any recipe. I add protein powder to my oatmeal and of course make protein
shakes/smoothies as well. I have included many vegetarian recipes in The Healthy Lifestyle Change which
will please your families, and all importantly, your kids.

Can I follow The Healthy Lifestyle Change if I have diabetes?

If you are thinking of following The Healthy Lifestyle Change, I urge you to discuss this program with your
doctor. However, many health care professionals have told me this is exactly how they think diabetics
should eat. I am certainly aware of many diabetics who use this program, including my very own mother,
whom it has helped tremendously.

One of the reasons this program is so effective is that it helps to regulate blood sugar. However, I want to
reiterate that I am not a doctor, so make sure to show the program to your doctor for approval.

Am I too old to see results?

It is never too late to make a change for the better. Regardless of age, The Healthy Lifestyle Change can help
you improve your health and physique. In fact, I once received a wonderful letter from a woman in her late
60's who had lost 100 pounds and went on to help many members of her retirement community.

How many calories should I be eating each day? How many will I be eating on this program?

Calorie counting is an integral part of The Healthy Lifestyle Change. Furthermore, we have scientifically
calculated the exact number of calories each person how reads the book should have. We now realize that
different foods react in different ways in our body. Whereas we may lose weight on 2000 calories per day of
healthy food, we may just as well gain weight on 1600 calories per day of junk food. Many, many people
have messed up their metabolisms by not getting good nutrition regularly throughout the day. No worries!
The Healthy Lifestyle Change will rev up your metabolism in no time at all!

    The Healthy Lifestyle Change is NOT a program that:

  • expects you to starve yourself
  • makes you count anything other than calories, no points, no carbs, no fat
  • requires you to buy prepackaged, pre-portioned food
  • requires you to take pills or potions

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