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The problem many people have with diets is that they can be difficult to follow for the long haul. Many
people achieve their desired weight loss by strictly adhering to the rigid requirements of some diets, but
then return to their old habits and fail to keep the weight off. What more people need is an easy-to-follow
diet plan capable of producing sustainable weight loss.

Based on proven techniques and pure scientific facts, The Privia Healthy Lifestyle Change "Non-Diet" Diet
book and website offers personal tips and the community support to help you lose weight and keep it off. We
provide members with an easy weight loss program, customized to the unique lifestyle and goals of each

This diet program factors in your specific food and exercise preferences. You will receive recipes and
shopping lists for a healthier diet, and the website offers easy tracking of calories and overall weight loss.

Careful planning and tracking are two tools for weight loss success. Lots of emotional support is key to
sticking with any diet. Our extensive online community, members consistently create weight loss
challenges to encourage one another, and they enjoy sharing success stories as well.

Online Weight Loss Program

Our online weight loss program aims to help individuals looking to lose weight and reach their goals. Many
of the most successful weight loss programs deal with local chapters where participants can go to attend
meetings, work out, or speak with a nutritionist and weigh in. This setup doesn’t work for everyone.

First, there may not be a chapter located conveniently close to your home or work. It can also prove difficult
to make it to meetings when family and work commitments come first. Not everyone likes working out
with others or having the added pressure that can come with a group weigh in -- many find these situations
uncomfortable and unpleasant.

An online program like ours offers community support without any of the negative aspects. Since this
program is online, participants can sign on anytime of the day or night, and there are always other people
to communicate with. We encourage our members to post on the message boards to talk to others who are
part of the program. The author of “The Healthy Lifestyle Change” also participates in
daily discussions.

While community is important to a successful online weight loss program, so is solid science. The fitness and
diet plans offered on the site and in the book are supported by doctors and used by successful trainers.

Online Weight Loss Diet

Effective weight loss requires more than just a few weeks of dieting. Successful weight loss requires a deep
commitment, one that views weight loss as a lifelong process. Those who consider a diet a short-term thing
that they must suffer through may only be setting themselves up for long-term failure. As soon as the diet
is over, these individuals often return to their old eating habits, and the weight comes back.

Our online weight loss site is designed specifically for those who need to develop a new outlook for long-term
weight loss success.

We understand that going to the grocery store is one of the toughest things to do when dieting. It's easy to be
tempted by the high-calorie foods that have provided comfort in the past. Also, many people resent the time
it takes to search for the new ingredients their healthy recipes require. We offer tips and shopping lists to

Online Weight Loss Plan

While many people focus on appearance when they think about a weight loss plan, it's even more important
to think about health. Developing a more attractive body is certainly an incentive, but avoiding serious
medical conditions is a more important reason to lose weight. Leading an overweight lifestyle can result in
serious consequences, such as debilitating pain, missed work, costly surgeries, and

People who are overweight are more likely to suffer a number of different medical conditions. The risk of
coronary heart disease becomes much greater with increased weight, as does high cholesterol. Type 2
diabetes, hypertension, osteoarthritis, and strokes are also more commonly suffered by those who are
overweight. There's even an increased chance of breast, colon, and endometrial cancer.

We seek to connect and inform those individuals who want to avoid these kinds of health risks. Our focus is
helping participants follow a positive weight loss plan. You won't feel humiliated or miserable -- the site
offers plans, tips, experts, and experience to help you be healthier and feel better.

This unique weight loss website provides instant access to weight loss techniques. The website also allows
you to connect with other members, all of whom are trying to get fit and invest in healthier and better

Healthy Weight Loss Diet

Choosing a healthy weight loss diet is the key to safely and effectively losing weight. Starving yourself is
not a constructive option, nor is cutting out a vital food group. Some popular diets that involve unbalanced
nutrition can cause mood swings and harm the immune system. In addition, many nutrition experts
believe that eliminating a wide range of foods, like carbs or dairy, may prove in the future to have caused
more serious problems.

The Healthy Lifestyle Change is dedicated to providing people across the nation with a healthy weight loss
diet. Our online diet plan is customized based on the background, goals, and restrictions of each individual.

We have learned that variety can lead to higher success rates. We work hard to offer our members a host of
options when it comes to eating right and working out. We make it easy to change recipes by swapping
ingredients and more.

An essential part of any healthy weight loss diet is fitness, and we provide a thorough fitness plan, too. The
fitness options are based on the successful programs and techniques used the world over, where achieve
incredible results.

Weight Loss Meal Plan

The fact is, the extensive restrictions associated with most weight loss diets make them hard to sustain. It
may be possible to eat grapefruit twice a day for a few weeks -- or even months -- but it could prove both
difficult and dangerous to continue such a diet for an extended period of time. In addition, ending the
grapefruit diet means returning to the old foods, which may lead to immediate weight gain.

While the grapefruit example is extreme (and a little old), the concept applies to a lot of diets that are far
healthier and more well-rounded, too. Dieters are frequently told by their diet plan exactly what to eat and
when. If the diet forces participants to be restricted to recipes and meals that are too strict, it can prove
hard to follow the program and sustain success.

Our plan tells you what you should eat, gives you recipes, and tells you how to prepare the food as simply as
possible. The plan also makes it easy to pick and choose from an impressive variety of meal options, so you
can stop eating foods you dislike.
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